Our products

MapSBRF – a desktop application developed for visualizing main financial indicators on the map, for managing and monitoring internal quality checks based on the GEMBA system (quality management system), and for analyzing the parameters of the existing business network, with the possibility of optimizing it using the geomarketing method. The program allows you to improve the decision-making process and lessen business risks. By displaying real-time data from the ground, and by using the GEMBA internal control system and the GEOMARKETING module, it helps you optimize the business network and increase the quality of your services and the work of business entities or organizational sectors. It comprises 3 basic modules and can be expanded with additional models, as well as adapted to the needs of each client.

Financial statistics module Internal checks management module (GEMBA module) Geomarketing module (business network optimization module)

The basic features of the software are:

Display of information on the map (Openstreetmaps) for all analyzed objects, relevant financial and other indicators and simple creation of reports for use by different organizational sectors. Management of internal quality checks according to the GEMBA system, with simple display of all conducted internal checks on the map, as well as all necessary details about them and the results of implemented measures. Several filter levels for displayed data Comfortable search tools at all levels of detail with the option to search objects according to different criteria. Export of reports in PDF, XLS, PNG and RTF format for use by different organizational